Lennox Lewis Responds To Anthony Joshua and Wilder Comparisons

Former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis responds to fans comparing heavyweight champions from different eras.

Boxing fans have always liked to play out fantasy fights in their heads between fighters from different eras but in reality, it’s very hard to do.

The truth is athletes get better as time goes on. Improvements in sports nutrition, technology and education make athletes bigger, stronger, faster and smarter.

Look at the size of the heavyweights of today for example in comparison of those of say fifty years ago. The difference in height and weight is considerable.

That’s not to say that some heavyweights of the past would not have mopped the floor with heavyweights of today, some would have, but it’s just one factor to consider when trying to match up fighters of the past with those of today.

Former heavyweight champion and perhaps the best ever heavyweight from Britain Lennox Lewis spoke on his website on the subject.

Referring to current heavyweight champions Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder specifically, Lewis brought up an interesting point:

lennox lewis responds

Fighters today certainly don’t seem to have the extended amateur careers they once had and seem more in a rush to turn pro than ever.

Perhaps motivated by financial incentives but also perhaps an indication of where the amateur code of the sport is at.