Fury Makes Roy Jones Comparison And Reaches Out To Donald Trump

Fury makes a Roy Jones comparison on one of his old songs and completely out of left field he contacts Trump.

Tyson Fury is causing a stir not just in the boxing world following his confirmation that he will be allowed to fight again in 2018, but is even taking things to world leaders.

Donald Trump who is known to be in avid fight fan (both boxing and UFC) won’t likely be replying to the former heavyweight champion one suspects, but this comment to the President of the United States is gaining a big reaction on Twitter at the moment:

This writer can’t think of another boxer to Tweet a President in recent memory at least.

He’s been back to his Twitter best today mind you. Even making a comparison to one of Roy Jones Jr’s rap songs on something he feels a lot of people have forgot:

He’s been on the call out of Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder all day long today too as it happens:

If and when he does come back, expect more of this extroverted chaos online and everywhere else for that matter.