What Joshua Said Was His Most Valuable Lesson Learned Against Takam

What Anthony Joshua said was the most important thing he learned from his Carlos Takam fight in Cardiff, Wales.

While the fight in the end was won by stoppage by Anthony Joshua, Carlos Takam surprised many with his almost super human spirit and toughness to battle on like he did.

Particularly after sustaining the injuries he did.

Massive gashes above both eyes obscured his vision at many points in the contest – as he valiantly fought on and landed some decent shots of his own.

Despite this, the scorecards afterwards painted a fairly heavy picture in favor of Joshua ahead comfortably at the time of the stoppage.

Speaking after the fight in the post-fight press conference, here’s what the champion Joshua said when he was told he had lost a round by his promoter Eddie Hearn:

“Did he? 

As things progressed in the press conference, one interesting question asked to the champion what was the single most important thing he had taken away from the fight.

He replied:

“Different styles make different fights. This fight was completely different from the fight before. As you can see. We were at learning level when we first started. British level. Then we entered into the world level. Now we are at the level where we are trying to own the division. We are fighting against people who want that as well. So they come tough. They come game.

He continued:

“So what I’ve learned is they hang around. They’re going to stick in there. Just don’t switch off because if history repeats itself, we’ve sen that great fighters make mistakes. No heavyweight is one time champion of the world. God willing I don’t or if I ever get beat I want it to be against the guy that was better than me. I could see Takam was the type of fighter that wanted me to tire and then try to break me down in the later rounds.”

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