Deontay Wilder Spots Specific Weakness In Joshua After Takam Win

Deontay Wilder Spots

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder spots flaws in his rival Anthony Joshua’s latest victory over Takam.

Wilder was a keen observer of the weekend’s heavyweight title fight between Joshua and Takam – knowing that a potential unification fight with Joshua could be in play in 2018.

The main obstacle to this however seems to be purse negotiations at present, as well as Joshua’s promoter wanting Wilder to fight Dillian Whyte first before a unification with Joshua.

Following the fight at the weekend Joshua himself said he is intent on keeping all his belts so a mandatory title defence could be up next before anything.

Speaking to Fight Hype after the fight, WBC champion Deontay Wilder gave his appraisal of what he saw and his main weaknesses are, in his opinion:

“He definitely has stamina problems. We saw that in the Klitschko fight though. That’s when he revealed he definitely has a stamina issue. Whoever his stamina coach is – they need to be fired.”

He added:

“There is a lot of things that Joshua is doing wrong that is making him have stamina problems. I see it. I’d tell him stay off them weights so much. He works out way too much. All those muscles can be so heavy. Trust me, I know.”

The WBC champion asked the question:

“It look good (muscles) but does it really benefit you though?”

Joshua did suffer a damaged nose at the weekend against Carlos Takam which he admitted afterwards hampered his breathing in the fight so to be fair.

This could have been a factor too as his gas tank went down as the fight went on.

Not many thought his stamina was a problem from the weekend but his rival Deontay Wilder definitely thinks it is a weakness.

For the full interview on Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip) check it out here: