How The Crowd Reacted To Joshua Asking For A Cheer For Eddie Hearn

Anthony Joshua asking for a cheer for his promoter Eddie Hearn brought about a reaction from the crowd alright, in keeping with recent ones.

The term ‘pied off’ appears to be a British one for the most part.

In boxing terms, promoter Eddie Hearn has come into contact with it perhaps more than he would have liked in recent times.

He seems to have adopted a bit of a villain character among fans who have booed him a lot at his events over the last couple of years.

Perhaps a slight victim of his own success. He seems to take it all in good fun and humour though to his credit.

After the weigh-in ahead of tonight’s Anthony Joshua and Carlos Takam fight, champion Joshua turned to the crowd at the end of his speech at one point to ask them to give Eddie Hearn a cheer.

They were having none of it:

(Hat tip IFL TV YouTube)

Hearn has also been at the end of a few ‘pied off’ moments famously in 2017 where after some of his boxers win their fights, they leave him hanging for high fives or mutual embraces of celebration when he enters the ring.

Perhaps he’ll have a bit more luck tonight.

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