Watch: Eddie Hearn Gets Completely Pied Off Once Again By A Boxer

Promoter Eddie Hearn gets totally shut down by a boxer again post-fight as his attempted fist pump gets left hanging again.

It seems these viral clips of boxing promoter Eddie Hearn left getting hanging from attempted high fives, embraces and fist pumps for his winning fighters are becoming more commonplace and frequent.

Maybe it’s becoming more noticed as Hearn himself has become more famous in recent times, alongside the fighters he promotes.

When you look at the modern day fight promoter, the one’s who are successful at least, the likes of Dana White and Eddie Hearn spring to mind and although they operate in different businesses (the UFC and boxing), they have one undeniable thing in common.

They both make themselves famous and can talk the talk.

The era of social media we’re living in today where fights are hyped to incredible proportions probably helps fight promoters sell fights if they make themselves part of the story line in this regard, as well as the fights and fighters themselves.

Well, this rapid rise in fame and social media following for Hearn has come at a price of more intense scrutiny from comic Twitter posts such as this:

(Hat tip Strictly Boxing Fans Twitter)

He won’t be too disappointed though, one suspects.

Anthony Crolla and Ricky Burns were both boxers he promoted last night. So he couldn’t lose, in that sense.