Anthony Joshua On Why He Came In Heavy For Carlos Takam

Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua on why he weighed in at his career heaviest ahead of latest title defence against Takam in Cardiff.

A lot has been made of Anthony Joshua coming in at 18 stone 2lbs yesterday at the weigh-in ahead of tonight’s showdown with Carlos Takam.

But, is it really that big of a deal?

Sure, if the fight goes into the second half of the bout and Takam is still there,then possibly it could come into play as a factor.

But would Joshua and his training team have really overlooked things in the stamina department?

You can’t imagine his head trainer Rob McCracken letting him get away with neglecting his conditioning and stamina work.

Joshua is 28 years old and after the weigh-in he said why he came in heavy as simply down to:

“I’ve been doing a lot more running – I’m filling out as I get older.”

If anything he could have a fair bit more filling out to do over the coming years in his heavyweight career.

Considering the size of him and the fact he’s 6’6 in height, yesterday’s weight isn’t overly heavy one would think.

Particularly in the era of almost super-heavyweights that we live in now.

Many heavyweight contenders are absolute monsters – like Joshua and his last opponent Wladimir Klitschko for example: