Floyd Mayweather Back In The Gym After McGregor Fight

Floyd Mayweather back in the gym as the former champion posts videos on social media showing him still looking very sharp on the heavy bag.

Floyd Mayweather back in the gym won’t come as too much of a surprise that have followed his career from the start.

He’s always been a man known for his love of the gym and keeping in shape year round.

Many believe this to be a key part of his long-term success where he was able to maintain a position at the top of the sport due to his relentless dedication to his craft, over such a sustained period of time.

He doesn’t drink or smoke either, so coupled with this dedication, it’s not surprising he did as well as he did in his career.

Following his last fight against the Conor McGregor back in August, Mayweather insisted that was it for his pro boxing career and that he will definitely be staying retired at 50-0.

He has posted the following clip on Instagram however prompting some people to suggest he may not be done with the sport just yet:


Realistically though, it’s hard to see Mayweather making a comeback at this late stage of the game and why should he?

He’s beaten everyone available to him in his career, made more money than any boxer in history and has a number of new businesses outside of the sport.

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