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Joshua Reveals He and Fury Have Spoke Behind The Scenes

Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua reveals that both he and former champion Tyson Fury have communicated behind the scenes.

As things stand it is still not too clear when Fury will be back in the boxing ring but a recent tweet on social media suggests his suspension has now been lifted.

A realistic return to the ring most likely will not be until at least 2018 now, with one warm up fight also needed one would suspect before he steps in there with one of the division’s top fighters.

Current heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua is very much in favor of Fury returning however and is willing to help him get back in the ring and has offered support.

Speaking on Talk Sport Joshua said:

“I’ve managed to contact him – he’s managed to contact me and everything you probably see on social is the same thing that happens behind the scenes.”

He continued:

“Besides all that, if there’s anything I can do to help support and help him get back in ring, I would do because we need people like him it brings out the best in the sport. It brings eyes to the sport and it benefits everyone.”

He added:

“I’m looking forward to him getting back and adding a bit more dust to the storm because he’s talented he’s a good fighter.”

What a fight it would be if it comes to fruition over the coming years. A stadium filler without doubt – that would be a massive fight around the world.

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