Boxing World Left Stunned By Stabbing Death At Boxing Show

The boxing world has been left stunned after news was confirmed a teen lost his life while attending a boxing event.

It’s very rare you’d hear of something like this happening but when it does it hits the fight community like a tonne of bricks.

A genuine black eye for the sport of boxing because of some cowards.

The sad news that a 19 year young man was stabbed to death at an event this weekend in Walsall, UK, has now been officially confirmed in a police statement.

There is now an ongoing investigation going on into his murder at this time.

How people were able to get knives into the event in the first place is baffling but it is thought the crime itself did not take place until outside the venue.

After a riot caught on camera spilled outside.

The riot appeared to start between two rival sets of fans supporting opposing boxers who were competing for a youth title on the night at the Walsall Town Hall.

This footage goes on to show various chairs and tables getting thrown about as many proceeded to engage in direct violence with one another.

The boxing world has been left in shock with some of the following tributes so far to the young man who lost his life last night:

The Walsall Council have appealed for witnesses to contact them or the police with any information.

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