Joshua On Mike Tyson Comparison – Speaks On Main Difference

Joshua On Mike Tyson

Anthony Joshua on Mike Tyson comparisons by some fans and speaks on what the main difference is between him and ‘Iron’ Mike.

Anthony Joshua has an awful long way to go in his career before comparisons with the likes of Mike Tyson are warranted but alas, some fight fans will always like to compare fighters from different eras.

Mike Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion in the world during his time but if you look at how boxing was then and how it is today, there are a lot of differences.

The main one being that star fighters do not fight anywhere near as regularly as they did back then.

Back in Tyson’s prime it wasn’t uncommon for him to be fighting every month, for instance.

In today’s times a star of Anthony Joshua’s size in world boxing only fights twice a year at most, due the amount of time it takes to promote and organise his pay per view, sometimes stadium events.

Both men could certainly punch, that much is beyond reasonable doubt.

But speaking on the Toe to Toe podcast on Sky Sports, Joshua spoke on what the main difference is between him and Tyson:

“People think they can come and beat me. Mike Tyson broke his opponents before they got in the ring – I break them in the ring.”

In interviews in the past Tyson has spoken favourably of Joshua in terms of what he thinks of him.

Joshua competes next again at the end of this month when he makes a mandatory title defence against Bulgarian Kubrat Pulev.

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