George Foreman Explains Why He Challenged Steven Seagal

Legendary heavyweight George Foreman explains the reasons behind his call out of one Steven Seagal to a fight.

Since the out of left field call out from the former heavyweight champion and still to this day, the oldest ever heavyweight champion in history, casual sports fans and boxing fans alike have been wondering if it was real.

Well, it appears to be.

It is understood that Foreman is very serious about taking on Seagal in some type of fight. Whether or not it would get a license somewhere remains to be seen.

68 year old George Foreman wants a piece of 65 year old actor and martial arts expert Steven Seagal. Speaking on the Dan Le Batard radio show, Foreman said:

“I thought this was a grand opportunity after Mayweather fought McGregor for two guys similar in ages and both able to still fight, to put on a boxing match. I can box. We can use that enter the dragon format where you stand there and one guy does what he does and the other guy can’t run or anything. Lets stand up and fight. I challenge him because he’s still active. He’s active.”

Speaking on money’s motivation in the call out of Seagal, Foreman added:

“Well money comes anyway. Since I’ve been in this business since I was 18 years old I’ve been making money doing things. It’s got to be the last thing on the table for both of us – because it’s obvious that both of us are eating good. The money is somewhere in the middle of what we’re doing but I think it’s an excellent challenge. We get a chance to raise the bar.”

George Foreman retired from professional boxing in 1997 after a fight with Shannon Briggs in Atlantic city. His professional boxing record stands at 76-5-68KO in a career that started as a pro all the way back in 1969.

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