Report: Tyson Fury Suspension Has Finally Been Lifted

Tyson Fury suspension lifted says the former heavyweight champion of the world who has made a startling u-turn and claim.

Only earlier today Fury had said he would not be re-applying for a British Boxing Board of Control professional license to box after the way they had treated him in recent times.

He then went on to say that he could apply for a license and take his business elsewhere outside of Britain.

Now however, some sensational news has come.

Fury has said that his suspension has been lifted and that he will be returning to the ring through a series of hashtags on Twitter:

While not official news from UKAD just yet, It appears Fury’s long quest to return to the ring is finally coming to an end – with a bright light now apparently in site for him.

If UKAD have formally lifted his suspension, then the only thing standing between him and a fight in a professional ring is now a professional license to fight.

That and getting back in fight shape of course. But as he’s shown in the past, that has never been an issue.

Fury throughout his career has shown that when he returns to training and dedicates himself to his craft that the weight comes down no problem at all.

Another character to the heavyweight division could be on his way back soon.