Tyson Fury Responds To Shannon Briggs’ Relentless Trolling

Following the news from the man himself that his suspension has been lifted, Tyson Fury responds to one Shannon Briggs.

Fury has once again caused a Twitter storm in the boxing world tonight after tweeting a series of hashtags that he pinned to his officially verified (blue tick) Twitter profile that included a reference to his suspension now having been lifted.

Straight away, it’s proven to be big news among fight fans so far who have reacted with some of the following:


Over the last week or so former world heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs has trolled Fury heavily via different photo shop edits making fun of his weight, among other things:


This writer for one knew it was just a matter of time before Fury responded to a fighter who like him, enjoys social media call outs and back and forth.

Two of boxing’s ultimate social media maestros really, Fury and Briggs.

Fury has responded to Briggs’ non stop trolling of him over the last week or so by saying tonight: