Watch: Haye and Bellew Staredown Intense Ahead Of Rematch

David Haye v Tony Bellew Prediction

This Haye and Bellew staredown did not come to blows like their first one did, but the intensity was still clear for all to see.

Both men’s motivations seem to be a bit different after watching a lot of their press conference footage and interviews today.

Bellew was keen to convey that the result will be the same the second time round. He cited his motivation is simply his love of the game and to get home safely to his family.

Haye seemed to have more of an edge about him and appeared hell bent on exacting revenge.

He pointed out that while he’s said he’s changed his life before, that with his new trainer, changes in his personal life and philosophy on boxing, that fans will see a different version of him come December 17th.

Tony Bellew had this response to that comeback line:

Haye was also keen to impress upon people that Bellew might not have the same motivation in the rematch. He revealed that Bellew was now a multi-millionaire after their first fight.

Bellew’s trainer David Coldwell mentioned that he is expecting a better version of David Haye second time round and that they were taking nothing for granted.

When the two men faced off their intensity was evident for all to see:

(Hat tip: IFL TV YouTube)