The manager of Eubank opponent Avni Yildirim of Turkey lost his rag completely here ahead of the IBO world title fight.

Eubank opponent Avni Yildirum must have been thinking today at the final press conference in Germany that his manager was getting into the ring instead of him on Saturday night.

From watching the press conference in the beginning, all seemed calm. Before what ensued to be a storm, that is.

Eubank Jr exhibited a cool, calm front which gradually began to wind up his opponent’s manager bit by bit throughout the press conference – who brought up nationality among other things during the event.

He felt Eubank Jr was being ‘arrogant’ with his emotionless approach.

However, someone off camera who appeared to be a member of team Eubank really began to tick him off. First for apparently starting at him and then after that, for apparently smiling and laughing at him.

While the position of this team Eubank member was not clear, he could be heard saying he was not leaving the press conference as he was:

“There for Chris.”

Eubank Jr’s father, Chris Eubank Sr, was not present at today’s press conference.

Before Yildirum, his trainer and his manager left however, his manager let loose on how he felt towards this man, mentioning what he wanted to do to his wife at one point and needing to be restrained:

Another crazy boxing press conference to add to the long list.

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