Rio Ferdinand Boxing Aspirations Clarified By The Ex-Soccer Player

The Rio Ferdinand boxing journey is underway in terms of it’s training but he has now spoken on what he’s actually looking to do.

Initially when he announced the news at a press conference with gambling company Betfair sponsoring the adventure, Ferdinand illustrated at the time that he was looking to capture a belt as a pro boxer.

He didn’t exactly outline what level of belt in pro boxing, whether a British champion, Southern Area, European level or what have you, but it didn’t seem like it would be a once off endeavour.

It now looks like however that it could very well be a once off thing, as the Ferdinand boxing career is not something that he really wants.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, Ferdinand said:

“I am not looking to have a career here. I am looking to have a professional fight and I will see where I go then.”

Perhaps a sensible option overall. Take it one day at a time to see how the training goes and if he gets a professional boxing license in the first place.

One suspects the latter should not be too much of an issue, though.

The sheer appeal of his first pro fight in the sport coupled with his athletic career in the past and backing from gambling giants Betfair should aid this task one suspects.

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