2017 – The Year That Has Finally Delivered In Boxing

For those of us passionate in boxing we find ourselves spoilt for choice this year. In what has been a truly memorable time for the sport.

Hardcore and casual fight fans alike, the world over, have been treated to some wonderful action thus far. The beauty of it too, is that it looks to set to continue for years to come.

History is a funny one.

It can only truly be judged after a considerable time has passed from an event takes place but, is it that inconceivable that those in the future will look back at 2017 as the start of a new golden era for the fight game?

Time will tell of course.

But if buzz among fans, positive sentiment and above all, quality in matches continue to get made like they are on a consistent basis, the future looks bright.

To GGG vs Canelo

So far in 2017 we’ve seen great fights like Joshua vs Klitschko (in front of an incredible 90,000 fans) and Golovkin vs Canelo.

We’ve also seen the formation of a genuinely interesting new concept for boxing in the World Boxing Super Series, the US boxing landscape fight back a little to compete with the UK boxing boom over the last couple of years, more TV stations around the world airing boxing than ever before and a renewed sense of optimism from even the sport’s biggest sceptics.

We’ve also witnessed the internationalisation of boxing on a scale we hadn’t before. The WBO welterweight fight between Manny Pacquiao and Jeff Horn taking place in Australia an example of this continuing trend.

Boxing really is a more global sport than ever before in its history.

Fighters and promoters alike appear to be working together again (somewhat). Knowing that easy fights are not of interest to a demanding modern day fight fan who wants to see the best fight the best.

Consistently, every year.

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder takes on a difficult assignment in Luis Ortiz later in 2017 in a bout that a couple of years ago probably would not have happened, for example.

The undefeated record and ‘0’ appears to becoming less important in boxing too.

Who cares if a fighter loses as long as he’s taking on the best or at least involved in fights that fans genuinely want to see?

Lets not count our chickens too quickly of course but overall, 2017 has been very solid for the sweet science to be fair.

Long may it continue.


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