Watch: Tyson Fury Does The Haka (Shirtless) With Joseph Parker After Cousin Hughie’s Fight

Thought you’ve seen everything in boxing? Well, Tyson Fury does the Haka in some style here which might change you’re view.

Boxing is a funny old game.

You think you’ve seen just about every nutty angle that this crazy, intoxicating, addictive sport can throw up for those who are passionate about it.

But every now and then it reminds you of why it’s well, one of the more unique sports out there. The characters boxing has had in it over the years are a rare breed.

Indeed, Tyson Fury falls into this bracket. Love him or hate him, you can’t deny the man is a character.

Following his cousin Hughie’s crushing loss in his first world title title tilt against WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker from New Zealand, Tyson wasn’t angry at all with him.

He was as merry as they come afterwards as it happens. To the point of joining Parker and others in a possibly alcohol fuelled crack at the Haka:

Hat tip @johnantrobb Twitter:

Fair play, lads.

No doubt if Tyson returns to the ring he will have his eyes on Parker as an opponent and aim to avenge his cousin’s defeat however.

Parker also holds one of the belts Fury held a couple of years back when he was an active fighter.

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