Parker and Fury Teams Involved In Heated Altercation At Weigh In

Parker and Fury Teams

The Parker and Fury teams went at it momentarily after the weigh-in for the WBO heavyweight title in Manchester.

Things nearly boiled over today at the weigh-in ahead of tomorrow night’s world title fight in Manchester but security were quick to act.

A quick shove from Hughie Fury on stage against champion Joseph Parker was enough to get the juices flowing of Parker’s team to the point of one of them and a member of team Fury almost coming to blows.

Shouts of:

“Be careful! Be careful!”

These could be heard off camera from security who initially struggled to control what was going on amid threats to throw punches, and the like.

The folks at IFL TV YouTube (hat tip) captured the moment of madness here:

As you can see, things were eventually defused but could have easily gotten a lot worst. The usual antics accustomed with boxing press conferences and weigh-ins these days though, it must be said.

The fight itself is just around the corner now though – and what a fight it promises to be.

Both men looked like they trained hard for the bout but it will be interesting to see what tactics will be implemented come the first bell.

Fury has said he’ll knock Parker out, while Parker has been very quiet and humble for the most part.


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