Bernard Hopkins Reacts To Andre Ward Retiring At 33

Bernard Hopkins Reacts

The great Bernard Hopkins reacts to the news that shocked many in the boxing world and gives his take on Ward’s decision.

When I think of Andre Ward I often think of Bernard Hopkins. In term’s of similarity in fight style. Also in relatively similar weight classes.

But skills showcased predominately over different eras.

The fight never happened for one reason or another but from a technical boxing skill standpoint, it would have made for intriguing viewing.

The two have always had great respect for one another over the years and kind words in the press.

Speaking to Fight Hype, Hopkins gave his reaction to the news Ward has retired at the age of 33:

“If he feels that way and he said that and he did I salute him for being a man. I salute him for being a friend. Whatever he do, whether he is commentating as an expert, because he is that. An intelligent guy. He got that in the bag. And any other ventures because he is a planner and doesn’t just go off the fly. He will be okay. Put it this way, he will be more than okay. I think when you’re dealing with an individual of an Andre Ward you’ve got to separate all the dealings with anybody in boxing history based on how he runs his life, his family and how he feels. He is a really convicted man in what he says. He ain’t just going to be promoting ‘I’m done’ and then ‘I’m back’.”

Hopkins finds himself in his first nine months or so of retirement himself as an active fighter following a loss back in December at the end of his career to Joe Smith Jr.

Hopkins is a partner in leading promotional company Golden Boy Promotions, and was heavily involved recently in the promotion of the Golovkin vs Canelo event.

For the full interview check above it out here on Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip)

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