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New Floyd Mayweather movie theater revealed in short clip that shows perhaps one of the largest personal theatres in the free world.

Floyd Mayweather has been known to rent out entire movie theater’s in the past for his friends and family to view personal screenings of big movies but it looks like he won’t need to do that anymore.

He’s been showing off his new $26 million mansion in Beverley Hills this week with a variety of wine seller, massive living quarters pictures and more, but this new Floyd Mayweather movie theater is perhaps the coolest part of the house of all.

In the following clip on Instagram Mayweather says:

“Grabbing a few snacks before watching Sportscenter in my Beverly Hills Palace movie theatre, that comfortably seats 50 people.”

Not bad, eh?

From a boxing perspective it’s all over for Mayweather now in the ring but it will be interesting to see how his promotional company Mayweather Promotions does in the coming years, and if he’ll be involved in staging some of the big fights in years to come.

He has mentioned in the past that he’d like to get into training fighters, too.

It would be hard to see Mayweather walk away from boxing entirely – given that it’s in his blood and has been doing it since a child.

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