How The Outcome Of GGG vs Canelo Was Predicted By Kid’s Game

This pre-fight kid’s game between the two combatants might surprise you how it predicted the actual outcome of GGG vs Canelo.

Remember the Rock ‘Em Sock’ Em robots kids game?

For those that are old enough (including this writer) you’ll remember how fun it was. Battling it out until your thumb could do so no more.

Well, it turns out that the game was pretty accurate in calling how the one of the biggest fight in boxing would go.

Prophetic in fact.

We reported on this video before the fight but it has taken on a different meaning afterwards now when you consider the outcome:

It was a close fight in the end, in reality, but it was one of the judging scorecards that perhaps caused the controversy more so than the fact it was scored a draw overall.

The rematch is thought to be in the works already — as both men first rest up following a tough battle last weekend — letting their handlers do the haggling behind the scenes to get the rematch on.

It will undeniably be an even bigger fight second time round.

Who would take the rematch? Feel free to chime in with your thoughts in the comments section below or reach out on social media.


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