Boxing Judge Adalaide Byrd Slammed By Stephen A. Smith

Boxing judge Adalaide Byrd is facing calls to be suspended after GGG vs Canelo and ESPN’s Stephen A.Smith has had some strong words for her.

Boxing judge Adalaide Byrd must be keeping a low profile today after a poor showing last night where her scorecard read eight rounds in favor of Canelo Alvarez on route to the eventual overall draw verdict of the fight.

ESPN’s Teddy Atlas went off on one after the fight – but his colleague Stephen A.Smith singled out boxing judge Adalaide Byrd in his particular in his post-fight remarks after the bout:

“Adaliade Byrd whatever her name is, 118-110, she needs to be tested immediately. It makes no sense whatsoever. There’s no way in hell that it’s 118-110. That’s a completely lob-sided fight on either side. She had it for Canelo there is no way on Earth that Canelo won 118-110.”

The vast majority would agree with Smith. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

The standard procedure in an event like this is for the judge to go back over the fight, re-score it and talk the Commission through why she thought each particular round was the way she saw it and scored it.

Adaliade Byrd has refereed a total of 442 professional boxing fights to date, with well over 100 of them either being either a championship fight or an eliminator fight.

For Smith and Atlas’ full, very heated debate after the fight check it out here via ESPN YouTube:

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