How GGG Walked Through This Bomb From Canelo Was Remarkable

GGG walked through perhaps one of the biggest right hands thrown in the middleweight division in 2017. A chin of absolute steel.

GGG is known to have one of the best chins in the business but he truly put it on full show at times in his fight with Canelo Alvarez.

A man almost possessed, oblivious to pain it seemed – Canelo couldn’t hurt or deter him.

Canelo said afterwards that he didn’t think Golovkin’s power was anything special himself, but say what you want, ‘GGG’ for his part at least – surely at least felt this from Canelo below.

He wouldn’t be human otherwise:

A massive overhand right that seemed to just bounce off Golovkin’s chin. Quiet incredible.

You can even see in Canelo’s surprised immediate reaction after landing the punch, that he’s almost thinking to himself what the hell? How did that guy just take that?

Indeed, Golovkin has displayed similarly freakish punch resistance in prior fights in his career.

One memorable example for me came back in his fight with Australian Daniel Geale when Geale seemingly landed the best punch he physically could on Golovkin.

Only for it to have no impact, whatsoever.

Here are some other memorable bombs the machine that is Gennady Golovkin has absorbed in his career:

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