Watch: GGG vs Canelo Weigh In Live Stream Video

Don’t miss the GGG vs Canelo weigh in live stream video right here ahead of one of the biggest fights in boxing for many years.

The time of reckoning is approaching all the time now for Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez – as the wake up on weigh-in day today in Las Vegas.

All the hard work and preparation has now been done with the last few pounds and ounces sweated off this week.

Canelo Alvarez has been known in the past to cut a lot of weight but that was when he was campaigning in the junior-middleweight division at 154lbs.

Now fighting at the full middleweight limit of 160lbs making weight should not be a problem. Particularly after the condition he has been looking in recently.

He will need to be careful however in terms of how much weight he puts back on overnight ahead of the fight tomorrow.

In the past it has been said that this massive weight gain he puts his body through after the 24 hour weighs has been detrimental to his stamina in the second half of championship bouts.

Canelo Strength and Conditioning

He has looked noticeably bigger coming into this fight with Golokvin too.

If he is planning on going for the knockout of a man who’s never tasted the canvas, let alone batted an eyelid from a big punch – he might be in for a short night.

Part of me thinks that he knows this though. In his heart of hearts. I think he will instead look to try to outbox Golovkin – while also fighting in spurts.

He likes to pick his spurts in fights does Canelo.

Whether or not Golovkin will allow him to fight hard for two minutes out of the three minutes each round remains to be seen.

Most people will tell you he won’t of course.

On Golovkin’s part, he has been looking well rested on fight week with his batteries fully recharged. In as good as shape as he’s been seen in the past.

There were concerns coming into the fight that he looked a bit soft at the start of the training camp but if the end of his training camp is anything to go by, making weight shouldn’t be an issue.

Right, here we go.

Here is the GGG vs Canelo weigh in live stream video today courtesy of the HBO YouTube channel (hat tip) which will be shown later and also available on recording for anyone who doesn’t catch it live (just check the Boxing News and Views homepage today where it will be pinned to the top of our site all day):


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