The Moment Roman Gonzalez Was Knocked Out For The First Time

The moment Roman Gonzalez was knocked out that shocked the boxing world as the previous flyweight king showed that everyone is human.

The dust has settled on what was a fantastic card in California this weekend where some of the world’s most exciting lighter weight talent was on full display at the Stub Hub Center in Las Vegas.

The boxing world is still in shock however from a moment where one of its previous pound for pound kings, thought to be almost unbeatable not long ago, showed that no matter how good a fighter you are – no one is exempt from the cold reality of professional boxing at the highest level.

The force that professional boxers hit with at world class level is something to behold those who have witnessed it first hand will tell you.

Knockouts are part of the sport and although often brutal in nature, are an inherent part of what inevitably draws many fans to the sport of boxing as spectators.

This past weekend Roman Gonzalez (46-2-38KO) experienced his first knockout defeat of his professional career in a fight that many thought he would regain his belt in.

Here’s the moment Roman Gonzalez was knocked out:

A huge, huge right hook.

Gonzalez although defeated has given fight fans some incredible memories over the last decade and could very well comeback in the future.

For the time being, boxing writer Steve Kim perhaps said it best: