Hughie Fury On What WBO Parker Heavyweight Title Shot Means

Hughie Fury gets his first crack at a heavyweight world title this month on September 23rd when he challenges WBO champion Joseph Parker.

New Zealander Parker is looking to bounce back from an under par performance last time out on a show that for the first time ever in boxing will see a world title pay per view event on YouTube.

While the move has come in for a lot of flack online the event’s organizers have defended it as a revolutionary move into the 21st century for boxing.

Speaking to YouTube, Hughie Fury is very confident of the outcome in the fight:

“I believe I’ll knock him out.”

He added:

“Bringing the world title back into the family means more than anything in the world to me. It’s been a dream since a young kid and I’ve sacrificed everything for this moment. I will put everything on the line on that night.”

Fury will have the home advantage in the fight with it taking place in his home city at the Manchester Arena while Parker will have had travelled across the globe to defend his belt.

Both are young unbeaten heavyweights and the bookmakers have it a relatively fifty-fifty affair. The ever so slight advantage going to Parker at the moment with sports books.

For the full interview above with Hughie Fury check it out here on YouTube (hat tip):