Mike Tyson On Conor McGregor Performance Against Mayweather

Former heavyweight champion ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson on Conor McGregor and what he thought of his performance while attending the Mayweather fight.

Mike Tyson was one of the many celebrities that attended the recent Mayweather vs McGregor event and speaking on Jimmy Kimmel – Tyson said of McGregor’s performance:

“I was surprised how well he fought.”

Tyson is currently promoting his new stand up tour which is a unique blend of old Mike Tyson stories not just limited to his career.

By all accounts for anyone who’s seen it, it’s meant to be top notch.

Tyson appears to have mellowed considerably since retiring and seems more at peace than ever. His career and life is up there for one of the most lived in and colorful of any boxer in history, surely.

From becoming the youngest heavyweight champion in history, to making hundreds of millions, to losing it all and coming back as an actor – Tyson’s lived a more than full life.

‘The Undisputed Truth 2’ is set to have a list of all new stories from his career and also after he retired with Tyson mentioning it will be a little ‘bizarre’ and ‘raunchy’.

Here’s the former champion speaking to Jimmy Kimmel on what the tour will include with some only Mike Tyson-style anecdotes (example: who’s a** did I grab last night?)

Here’s the full segment:

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