Fighter Sums Up Everything Good About The Fight Game In A Tweet

fighter sums up

One fighter sums up the fight game’s beauty. They say simplicity is genius. I believe it to be true judging by this.

Perhaps one of the most frustrating things for fight fans is when fights don’t get made because of boxing politics.

Thankfully, 2017 has not seen them rear their ugly head as much as consensus seems to be that promoters the world over know that for boxing to continue to grow – quality match ups need to be made on a consistent basis.

Often times behind the scenes in boxing the politics that go on for a certain fight not getting made are never really known.

Whether it’s financial reasons, a fighter not wanting a fight, egos, promoters not dealing with other promoters, the complicated nature of making fights in professional boxing can often be exhausting for fans waiting on news of a fight getting made.

But every once in a while you get a fighter that comes along who just wants to fight, doesn’t care who it’s against, when it is, where it is – or what the career implications are.

Old school warriors so to speak.

Although this chap is not a boxer but an MMA fighter, his sentiments speak for the many professional boxers and fighters alike out there who perhaps don’t get enough praise for this type of attitude:

Short but to the point. Minus the bad language, you get his sentiment.

Fighters fight at the end of the day.

Perhaps if every fighter had this attitude of willing to step in against anyone, anywhere, any time – combat sports the world over would be even bigger than they are.