Conor McGregor living The High Life After Mayweather Fight

Defeated boxer and UFC fighter Conor McGregor living large as these latest series of pictures show following his loss to Mayweather.

We are now approaching almost two weeks since the whole ‘MayMac’ event captured the world’s media attention.

What we have learned subsequently however was that ticket sales and gate receipts did not generate what the event thought it would beforehand.

They still made a cool $55 million on the gate mind you, a nice days work by anyone’s standard.

Indeed Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather must be counting up all the dollars they made at the moment as the final pay per view tally continues to get totted up, still.

Conor McGregor has wasted little time in spending some of his hard earned cash however.

These series of pictures on his Instagram showing him living life to the full with his girlfriend Dee Devlin:

McGregor is understood to be planning a return to the sport of mixed martial arts before 2017 is out in the UFC but has not ruled out a future boxing showdown with ex-sparring partner Paulie Malignaggi following a very public falling out before the Mayweather fight.

McGregor’s current boxing record to stands at 0-1.

(Top image source and credit: @thenotoriousmma Instagram)

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