Evander Holyfield Predicts Golovkin vs Canelo Fight

Legendary Hall of Fame fighter Evander Holyfield weighs in on the upcoming super fight between Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez.

Perhaps there are fewer people in the world better capable of calling a fight of the magnitude of Golovkin vs Canelo than the ‘Real Deal’ Evander Holyfield himself.

Holyfield won world titles at both cruiserweight and heavyweight and shared the ring with greats such as Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson.

Nowadays Holyfield is removed from his professional boxing career some while, but still remains involved in the sport through a new promotional venture.

When asked about the Golovkin vs Canelo fight – speaking to Stephen A.Smith on ESPN radio Holyfield said:

“This is a classic. You got one guy (Canelo) who’s young and quick and hits hard. But when you’re talking about GGG, GGG going to fight like GGG and put pressure. But I’ve never seen nobody pressure Canelo so I really don’t know how good a punch he takes because he’s never been knocked down. I think it’s going to be a good fight.”

He added:

“If I had to choose somebody I’d kind of choose the guy who kind of fights like me. I just put the pressure and tended to out work people. I think the person that tends to out work people kind of gets it by a little bit. I think GGG throws a lot of punches and he got good defense. He gets hit but knows how to roll with the punches. I think if it goes the distance he (Golovkin) is going to out point him (Canelo).”