Mike Tyson Tells Stunning Story About Encounter With Felon

The youngest heavyweight champion in history Mike Tyson tells a shocking story, even by his standards, about a serial killer encounter.

Mike Tyson has been through and seen more than most in a life full of ups and downs.

A career and life that has been filled with many, many crazy stories. Most of them true too.

His book is meant to be one of the most extreme reads pertaining to any professional athlete’s life in history that you’ll find anywhere.

Tyson used to wrestle tigers for fun for God’s sake. That’s just one bizarre story that springs to mind for this writer straight off the bat.

But speaking to DJ Whoo Kid, Mike Tyson tells perhaps one of his craziest stories yet – where he came face to face with a serial killer who was interviewing him one time:

“I did an interview with this guy. So when this guy is not interviewing he goes out shooting people. The FBI surrounded my whole gym. I’m saying, did I grab someone’s a** last night or something because the cops are around? So I said no I didn’t do that. So I went outside and they showed me the picture of me and him. I was on this little site and we were shaking hands and I said if I did anything or said anything because I was promoting my fight and if I was talking tough and I offended him to tell him I’m sorry. And the cop looked at me and he said, no Mr. Tyson – he liked you. He didn’t like the 15 that he shot and the 9 that he killed.”

Reporter by day, serial killer by night eh?

It turns out that chap ended up in jail eventually and took his own life while incarcerated. For the full interview on the subject and more check it out here as Tyson speaks to DJ Whoo Kid YouTube (hat tip):

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