Ex-Sparring Partner and Opponent Chavez Jr on GGG vs Canelo

Chavez Jr on GGG vs Canelo – a man who has sparred Gennady Golovkin and fought Canelo Alvarez who knows both fighters better than most.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr’s fight with Canelo Alvarez last May ultimately let fight fans down, all in all.

Going into the bout fans expected a war but what transpired was ultimately a boring unanimous decision victory for Canelo.

Chavez Jr has moved on from that now and is hoping to make a return before the end of the year by all accounts.

Speaking from experience of sparring Golovkin and fighting Canelo, Chavez Jr told ES News how he thinks the fight will unfold and who he’s picking:

“Power is like the same. But heavy – a lot more like Golovkin. I feel more the power of Golovkin in sparring than Canelo in the fight. Canelo is no knockout puncher. He is good at the combinations. He have good timing and this can hurt Golokvin.”

He continued:

“I pick Golovkin to win (to beat) Canelo. He is a very dedicated guy, he have a good shape. He pick the opponent in the wrong moment. Not him, De La Hoya, Golden Boy. I think maybe this is a mistake for Canelo because maybe he think he has fought a real middleweight – but he has not fought a real middleweight.”

The Golovkin vs Canelo fight final countdown is well and truly underway with a little over a week to go.

Chavez Jr is not known at this time as to who he will be boxing again, or when or at what weight but expect an announcement in the coming weeks.

For the full interview with ES News YouTube (hat tip) check it out here – Chavez Jr on GGG vs Canelo:


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