Watch: Antonio Margarito vs Carson Jones Full Fight Video

The Antonio Margarito vs Carson Jones full fight played out to be a close, bloody and controversial one that went seven rounds.

It was a crossroads fights in many ways for both men in the 154lbs division.

Two fighters who had once been near world level knew that the bout in Mexico was for a crack at another significant opportunity down the road.

The match was scheduled for ten rounds but Margarito ended up getting awarded a technical decision by the time the fight was stopped in round seven.

At the time of the stoppage, Jones was having excellent success against a badly fatiguing Margarito and fans in attendance thought the referee was calling off things in favor of the American.

This proved not to be the case, however.

The referee revealed that Margarito was struggling with an old injury above his eye at the time of the stoppage and ruled that the cut on his eye was caused by a clash of heads earlier in the fight, not a punch, so made the judges go to the scorecards.

The judges all had it ahead on points for Margarito at the time of the stoppage, just.

The 39 year old looked like he was badly fading as the fight progressed out of the early rounds and Jones starting having a lot of success leading up to the time the fight was stopped.

The eye injury could very well be the old one that was initially suffered against Manny Pacquiao a few years back that was then peppered by punches in the Miguel Cotto rematch after that.

Whether or not Margarito’s eye would get cleared medically by an Athletic Commission in the US to box Cotto in a trilogy fight like he wants next up remains to be seen.

In case you missed it Рhere is the Antontio Margartio vs Carson Jones full fight via the BoxingFan333 YouTube channel (hat tip):