Unbelievably Good GGG vs Canelo September 16 Hype Video

GGG vs Canelo September 16 at the T-Mobile Arena the world will be watching when two modern day gladiators literally go to war.

When you think about legendary fights of the past bouts like Hagler vs Leonard spring to mind.

Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez represents the possibility of a modern day classic in its own right. A throwback to the golden ages of boxing.

People simply want to see the best fight the best. This fight delivers. But it goes much further in truth.

Their styles and ability match in a beautiful brutality of excitement that people in the sport of boxing are hyped out of their heads for.

For anyone looking to watch a boxing match for the first time this bout is perhaps no better advert for the sport of boxing.

Speaking of adverts, this GGG vs Canelo September 16 build-up video is one of the best I’ve come across anyway.

Hype that will actually be delivered in the ring (hat tip Golden Boy Boxing YouTube):

Stellar, stellar work.

I’ve spoke to some fellow journalists in the last week or two about this fight and many of us seem to share the same opinion.

We don’t know who’s going to win.

It’s not often that boxing brings up one of those scenarios but when it does, fans, media and the wider sports community alike have something special on their hands.

My heart tells me a Golovkin late stoppage. My head tells me a Canelo win on points. Possibly by split decision.

I just don’t know though.

Both men look to be in tip top shape going on recent training footage, but timing is everything.

The last of the ferociously hard work will be clocked in over the next week as boxing fans bite their nails in anticipation ahead of this one.

Bring it on.