Conor McGregor Speaks In Dressing Room Before Mayweather Fight

Conor McGregor speaks just hours before the biggest night of his professional life live from his dressing room at the T-Mobile Arena.

The moment of reality is now starting to close in on Conor McGregor as he makes final preparations ahead of tonight’s big fight in Las Vegas.

It is understood that there will be a slight delay to the main event tonight due to an overload in demand on the broadcaster’s online server that will be showing the fight online.

How long the delay will be is not known at this fight unfortunately, but it is hoped the disruption will be minimal.

Conor McGregor appears to be as confident as ever overall, although sounded notably different in the below tonight while speaking to Jim Grey of Showtime:

Nerves are surely a normal feeling before any fight of this magnitude, but is McGregor now starting to realise perhaps what he’s got himself into?

Stepping in there with a master of his craft in Floyd Mayweather in his domain, the boxing realm.

The Irishman’s courage must be commended to the fullest no matter what the outcome of tonight’s bout is.

He is the first prominent UFC fighter ever to step over into a high level professional boxing bout of this nature – to his credit.

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