McGregor Gives Brutally Honest Assessment Of Mayweather Fight

Conor McGregor gives a pretty heart felt breakdown of what he thought happened backstage straight after his fight with Mayweather.

Conor McGregor was philosophical overall in his defeat to Floyd Mayweather and marked fatigue as a key factor in his demise down the stretch.

Despite a positive start that flustered Mayweather with his awkward style, a school of thought has been going around that Mayweather carried McGregor from the fourth round on and was treating the bout like a sparring match from there on out.

McGregor paid a lot of respect to his opponent in the aftermath of defeat, mentioning that he was a:

“Very composed individual.”

The reality was that McGregor never really had a chance in coming close to winning the bout, but his courage and the fact he lasted as long as he did impressed everyone.

McGregor spoke afterwards backstage on the loss saying:

“Don’t know, have not got a clue.”

The words from McGregor on what could be next, candid as ever.

His stock will have gone up after this in both boxing and MMA. Certainly his gigantic brand with nearly 20 million Instagram followers will have grown.

Perhaps given the massive pay day he is likely to get we may never see McGregor back in a boxing ring or Octagon again?

He’s certainly earned his money the hard way over the years if that’s what he so chooses.