Watch: Mayweather and McGregor Embrace In Moment Of Mutual Respect

Floyd Mayweather and McGregor embrace and put bad blood behind them after the fight at the post-fight press conference at the T-Mobile Arena.

One gets the impression that these guys were buddies all along behind the scenes.

And why wouldn’t they be? They just earned each other an extraordinary amount of money that will range well into the hundred of millions each.

Boxing like in all combat sports, usually produces moments of respect between the two combatants after the battle has been had and true to form – the sweet science produced another one:

As MMA journalist Ariel Helwani put it:

The circus is now over and reality looks like it will return for both sports in the coming weeks, but what have we learned from all this?

One, that it is still relatively easily with enough marketing power behind one, even in 2017, to manipulate the minds of the masses into thinking a legitimate fight or competitive event can occur.

Even when it cannot by any logical observation.

Those who laid down their hard earned money on Conor McGregor learned a valuable lesson tonight. Don’t believe the hype.

While Conor McGregor gave an amazing account of himself against Floyd Mayweather he was never going to win the fight.

At any stage.

Boxing is one of the oldest sports in the history of the Earth and will be around for a long, long time. It’s just getting started once again over these next few years, in truth.

There is more than enough room for both sports to co-exist in the future as both continue to grow. Watch and see.

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