Watch: Mayweather vs McGregor Post Fight Press Conference

Mayweather vs McGregor post fight press conference

 The Floyd Mayweather vs McGregor post fight press conference from Las Vegas following a huge event at the T-Mobile Arena.

It was an event that proved to be that in the end, an event that captured the world’s attention and put boxing on the map on a bigger way than perhaps ever before.

Conor McGregor surprised a lot of folks in the boxing world with some of his skills but more than anything, his incredible heart and fortitude.

His humility in defeat was also good to see.

It is not known what the total gate revenue was tonight but it is expected that it will set the record for boxing and break the record set back in 2015 for Mayweather vs Pacquiao.

The big question will be about how the fight did on pay per view of course.

A fight of this scale however could take up to a week before they can put an accurate number on how it did.

Whether or not a boxer and UFC fighter will ever clash again on this scale is unknown. I personally don’t think it will to be honest.

It was just the sheer size of the personalities involved in this particular fight that made it what it was. Mayweather and McGregor type personas don’t come along very often.