Carl Frampton Gives Appraisal Of McGregor As A Boxer

Two weight-world champion Carl Frampton gives his reaction to what he thinks of McGregor as a boxer following Mayweather fight.

Conor McGregor was known to be a good fighter before his fight this weekend with Floyd Mayweather – but now he has earned the respect of many boxers within the sweet science world.

One such fighter who is giving McGregor his props is Belfast’s Carl Frampton who had this to say:

Quite the praise for McGregor there.

Similar plaudits for his bravery and better than expected skills have been doing the rounds online since last night’s fight.

In the post-fight press conference McGregor left the door open to a possible continuation in the sport of boxing, saying he does not know what the future holds yet but was not ruling it out.

McGregor won a few of the early rounds against Mayweather to the surprise of many through his awkward style and ability to keep Mayweather out of range.

Who for a change was on the front foot for most of the fight.