Dana White Reacts To Mayweather Beating McGregor

UFC President Dana White reacts to Mayweather beating McGregor at the T-Mobile in Las Vegas following a massive event.

It was a fight that ultimately didn’t go Dana White’s way – as he obviously was backing his man from the UFC in Conor McGregor but like McGregor – he was magnanimous in defeat.

“It was a rare event. I’m not looking to do this again.”

Sensible words from White.

It’s hard to see how UFC fighters vs boxers could happen on a consistent basis as the two are completely different sports in their own right.

White mentioned in the post-fight press conference that it was a completely different kind of fight to the one he thought it would be before hand.

Watch here as Dana White reacts to Mayweather beating McGregor:

(Hat tip ESPN YouTube)

Interesting from White on refusing to rule out a possible future run into the boxing world.

It was reported before the fight by the Hollywood Reporter that both White and major players in the UFC have considered it in the past.

Someone of White’s promoting ability in boxing certainly wouldn’t hurt the sport based on what he’s achieved with the UFC, that’s for sure.

Time will tell if it comes to fruition.