Boxing Fans React To Mayweather Going 50-0 After Beating McGregor

Boxing Fans React To Mayweather

Boxing fans react to Mayweather going 50-0 after the American stopped Conor McGregor in the 10th round of their bout.

Overall, on the whole, the publicity the sport of boxing received from this weekend’s Mayweather vs McGregor fight can only be a positive thing surely.

More eyeballs on boxing the better, after all.

Now that it is over however, normal service can be resumed and fans of both the sports of boxing and MMA can once again go about their business.

The reaction has been non stop online from fight fans in the aftermath of Mayweather beating McGregor to extend his record to 50-0 (27KO).

Here’s a taste of how some fight fans around the world have been reacting so far to the fight’s outcome: