Stats Show Incredible Achievement For McGregor Against Mayweather

mcgregor against mayweather

These statistics illustrate from McGregor against Mayweather illustrate that he was more than deserving of his chance in the ring.

Floyd Mayweather has long been a fan of the phrase:

“Men lie, women lie but numbers don’t lie.”

Well, going off that, the numbers in punch stats for Conor McGregor more than show that the Irishman at least deserved to be in the ring with him tonight.

Sure, McGregor was never going to win the fight – but he did give Mayweather some problems early on.

It turns out according to these stats for McGregor against Mayweather that he also out landed a certain Manny Pacquiao back in 2015:

Not bad for a guy who made his professional debut as a boxer tonight.

Now that the fight is finally over, in many ways the world can now move on from what was a bizarre few months of almost maniacal, non-stop build up.

McGregor can return to doing what he does best in the UFC and the boxing world can look forward to the mouthwatering Golovkin vs Canelo fight in a few weeks time.