Video Shows Extent Of Which ‘F*** The Mayweathers’ Phrase Has Taken Off

the mayweathers

The terms ‘F*** the Mayweathers’ coined by one Conor McGregor hilariously making waves in Ireland in this comedy sketch video.

Conor McGregor’s words tend to have a big impact these days with his absolute army of some of the most passionate fans ever seen in the history of sports.

Many of them of course come from his native Ireland, but also the world over at this stage. His ability to control a crowd is perhaps more like a WWE performer or politician rather than a prize fighter.

That’s meant as a compliment by the way – it’s just that damn good:

The above has brought about perhaps one of the funniest pre-fight build-up videos ahead of tonight’s fight since.

The mythical video shows different situations in Ireland which people (in a comedy sketch) are replaying the phrase at the moment:

Mayweather has hinted at using an Irish gum shield tonight in his fight with McGregor and only yesterday sported a pair of green boxer shorts at the weigh-in promoting Irish bookmakers Paddy Power.

Expect an Irish twist in either Mayweather’s ring walk tonight – or else in some form of his fight attire on the way to the ring.

Mayweather has a history of similar stunts before mind you – having worn a Mexican┬ásombrero on the way to the ring before boxing popular Mexican-American Oscar De La Hoya over a decade ago.