Video Shows Insane Level and Number Of McGregor Fans in Vegas

The Conor McGregor fans in Vegas are reminiscent of the incredible scenes for fights of Ricky Hatton of the past in Sin City.

McGregor fans in Vegas this week have been in passionate voice as videos across the internet have shown thus far.

When the Irish arrive in town – there’s always a party guaranteed – but the level and passion of the Conor McGregor fans in particular is something else.

The songs and pints have been flowing all week and no doubt are coming into their peak as the McGregor fans in Vegas get ready to watch their man tonight.

While the passion has been evident, it was not known the scale or number of which the Irish have descended on the fight capital of the world.

This incredible video will not quantifying the number exactly gives a ball park idea of the scale of the Irish invasion this week:

Incredible stuff.

If McGregor were to somehow pull off the impossible – just imagine the atmosphere afterwards. The beer taps will run dry in Las Vegas no doubt.

Even if he gets beaten well like is expected, don’t expect it to rain on the above parade. Not by any stretch of the imagination.