McGregor Brings Out Amazing Childhood Short Video Before Mayweather Fight

Conor McGregor brings out a truly stellar short video charting his childhood to now – before the biggest night of his life.

Sometimes as a writer one can become cynical, perhaps it’s a healthy thing.

Calls of Mayweather-McGregor being rigged from the off a few weeks back in terms of its outcome didn’t surprise me.

But the closer and closer the bout came, the more I realised it couldn’t be. Conor McGregor is too raw and real of a human being to allow it to be.

Likewise, Mayweather would not jeopardise his undefeated record if thinking the other way.

Make no mistake – McGregor genuinely thinks he can win this fight and he’s actually convinced a hell of a lot of people that he can too as odds makers will prove.

I like to believe in magic too and love nothing more than an underdog to triumph, but there is a reason why boxing probably has the most tradition out of any other sport.

It’s the realest sport of them all. That’s why people to this day, even in the crazy world that we live in 2017, love nothing more than a big time boxing fight.

The boxing ring is the chamber of truth and on Saturday night I expect that truth to find Conor McGregor – but not before he gives one hell of an effort and goes out on his shield.

His life is an inspirational one.

A child that became a man who came from nothing and built himself up to the point of stardom through years of hard work and sacrifice.

Fame the likes of which combat sports has never seen, certainly in the short time frame that he did it.

Enough of my guff, this video says it all:

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