Conor McGregor Coach Trolls Ex-Sparring Partner Paulie Malignaggi

mcgregor coach trolls

Conor McGregor coach trolls ex-sparring partner Paulie Malignaggi in run up to this weekend’s big fight in Las Vegas.


John Kavanagh is usually a man who is perhaps more behind the scenes and quietly spoken – but he’s let his sense of humour out this week on fight week.

One controversial issue ahead of Mayweather vs McGregor has been the now infamous pictures and clips leaked of McGregor and two-time world champion Paulie Malignaggi.

One clip appeared to sow Malignaggi knocked down by McGregor – but some then proceeded to debate how clean the knockdown was. Including Malignaggi of course.

McGregor coach John Kavanagh has had the following reply for that saying:

“Y’all right down there coach? ? #notapush #winorlearn #6days#mayweathermcgregor credit @ginger_beard_photos”

While imitating Malignaggi on the floor:

You can’t fault a guy for having a sense of humor. In all fairness.

No doubt Malignaggi will have his own rebuttal to this at some point this week as he covers the fight for lead broadcaster Showtime.

The American has said that there were 14 cameras in the gym for him and McGregor’s spars and that if team McGregor wanted they could release all the rounds of what happened without edits.

(Top image source and credit: coach_kavanagh Instagram)