Mayweather Could Not Be Taking It Any Easier Before McGregor Fight

Floyd Mayweather could not be chilling any easier ahead of a fight that is expected to break financial records this weekend.

Strippers and burgers from Burger King seem to be the order of the day for Floyd Mayweather this week – as he winds down ahead of his fight with Conor McGregor on Saturday.

He’s been very public about the fact to fans that he wants them to come to his lap dance club in Las Vegas every night this week – where he will be in attendance.

But is this all just a bit of a front?

His father Floyd Mayweather senior has been public in recent weeks about the fact his son has not trained particularly hard for McGregor, but mentioned:

“It’s good enough for this guy.”

Granted, on paper this should be a complete mismatch, but what if Mayweather has totally taken his foot off the gas all together and the famous Mayweather stamina and fitness is not there anymore?

He is 40 after all and has been out of the ring for two years.

One suspects that this is just a bit of a front however. Surely – he wouldn’t risk his undefeated record that seems to mean so much to him.

Sure, McGregor is over matched here but at the same time it’s still a fight.

If Mayweather has completely let his foot off the gas ahead of the bout like he is suggesting in public, perhaps the odds makers will continue to favor McGregor’s chances as the fight approaches this weekend.

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