Mayweather Reveals McGregor Could Miss The Weight

Floyd Mayweather reveals McGregor could miss the weight for the fight just days out from getting into the ring.

Mayweather has dropped a bombshell that he thinks McGregor will miss the scheduled weight for this weekend’s fight with him at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

The fight is sanctioned to take place at an agreed 155lbs – the same weight McGregor is used to from the UFC when he fights in the lightweight division.

Floyd Mayweather has revealed however that the UFC will have to pay a heavy fine if the Irishman comes in heavy and that he doesn’t expect him to make the weight.

This follows Mayweather admitting last week that he has people keeping an eye on McGregor during his preparation.

He didn’t exactly say that he has spies in his camp, but it’s obvious there is a mole there if he is getting leaked information about McGregor.

The Irishman has said he could care less for what Mayweather knows, as in his view, no boxer will be able to prepare for the unorthodox style that he will bring to the ring.

Watch here as Mayweather reveals McGregor could miss weight this Friday: (hat tip: Fight Hype YouTube)